There are many factors to consider when selecting a video surveillance system for your home or business. Investing in a security system is a smart move as you have many assets to protect including yourself. Video Surveillance materials come in many different forms so reading our list of questions below will hopeful allow you to narrow down your choices and become an educatedcamera4 consumer of cameras systems. Selecting the right cameras for your security system is critical to the success of your system.

What Do You Want To Capture?
Every building and landscape is different so the first thing that you need to do is make an inventory of what you want to record and decided whether you want to record an scene and event, or a person. Your answers to these questions will guide you down the road to make the right choice for you.

How Many Cameras Will I need?
Whether you chose single or multiple camera surveillance solutions depends on the size and layout of your space. If you need to know what’s happening in multiple rooms or a large exterior space, then you will need multiple cameras to do the job properly. As a general rule, most homes and small businesses can be effectively monitored with four cameras. Secure Lock and Alarm can visit your business and do an in-depth analysis of your camera needs.

Are Hidden Cameras Needed?
Hidden cameras are your best choice if you need to gather information or evidence without your subject’s knowledge. On the other hand, cameras that are clearly visible in the space can act as a deterrent to criminal activity.

Do You Need to Record and View Video (CCTV) ?
For a very simple, one camera security system, memory card recording is the most common method. The next step up for recording video is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). These DVR’s are better for long-term video surveillance because they can store much more data. DVR’s can records much more video than a typical removable memory card and can support many more cameras.

For more information about our surveillance systems, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400. We can meet you at your business to look at the building and the surrounding area to determine which system works best for you. We also offer estimates before we start the job!