Auto Locksmith Danvers MA

Over the last few months we have replaced lost keys or duplicated keys for cars and trucks in Danvers MA. Give Secure Lock & Alarm a call for more information on our rekeying, duplication & replacement services, at 978-927-6400.

Many of our Danvers customers are surprised to see we are able to replace missing car keys; many people assume that their only option is to go to the dealership. However, we do provide key replacements and have invested in the software and programs it takes to provide this service.

There are some vehicles we are unable to provide this service for because manufacturers refuse to sell the software it takes to replace keys. Please call us if you don’t see your vehicle on the list below; we are adding more and more vehicles monthly.

What Type of Car Keys Can Secure Lock and Alarm Make?


Honda Car Keys                 Toyota Car Keys           Subaru Car Keys

Hyundai Car Keys              Mazda Car Keys           Kia Car Keys

Ford Car Keys                     GM Car Keys                Pontiac Car Keys

Lexus Car Keys                   Dodge Car Keys           Acura Car Keys

Audi Car Keys                     Nissan Car Keys          Motorcycle Keys

Volvo Car Keys *                 BMW Car Keys*          Mercedes Car Keys*

Volkswagen Car Keys        Boat Keys                      Cadillac Car Keys

* Call for availability as software is limited.

What Do You Need To Know Before Having an Auto Key Replaced

1. What Kind of Key Do You Have?

When inquiring about a new key, please be sure to know the make, model and year of your car; this will help speed of the process, and we will be able to determine whether or not we have the software to supply a new key. The most popular car keys and truck keys are listed        below.


If you’re interested in our car key replacement services, please give Secure Lock and Key a call at 978-927-6400.

Danvers MA, originally known as Salem Village, is a town in Essex County, located on the northeastern coast of Massachusetts