We have helped many local businesses and industries in Marblehead MA improve and update their security systems by installing access control systems; these keyless entry systems eliminates the danger of losing keys, and business owners have more control over who enters the building, and can track exactly who entered the building during a specific time throughout the day.

Our access control systems help to improve security for businesses, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other industries around Marblehead. We have a variety of systems you can choose from, all of which will fit your security needs:

  • Card & Badge Readers
  • Photo ID Cards
  • HID Cards
  • Bar Code
  • Visitor Badging System
  • We installed these systems in a local store and bank, to help them control who has access to cash and inventory; this helped reduce inventory shrinkage.
  • Property managers rely on these systems to help ensure their tenants that they are in a secure and safe building.
  • A local public school uses these systems to limit the access to computers, electronics and other equipment.

These keyless entry systems are meant to make your life a lot easier and a little more organized; you will no longer have to worry about carrying and losing a key; now, you can simply place the security card in your wallet or purse, just like a credit card!

These secure systems will let you control who enters your shop or building, when they entered it, and which entrance they used; this will help improve the overall security of your building or shop.

Over the last decade and a half, we have installed these systems to a variety of industries in Marblehead, checkout our latest projects:

For bigger companies, like Fortune500 companies, colleges and hospitals, we have access control systems that allows the select view to control security from anywhere on their network. No matter how big your security needs are, we have the systems to accommodate those needs.

For an estimate on an access control system in Marblehead MA, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400. We have the products that will help protect businesses and industries all over Marblehead MA; no matter how big or small their security needs are!