We install Access control & keyless entry systems for businesses in the Peabody MA area; for almost 20 years now, businesses in the Peabody MA, have relied on our secure and locksmith services. How do these systems improve security?

First off, if there is ever a security breach at your store or office, you will be notified right away, and you will be able to determine when the breach happened, and which entry was used. Also the Peabody MA Police Department will be notified right away! You can also control who has access at any given time; you can activate and deactivate cards, change codes, etc. this will help limit the amount of people who have entry access.

You can also control which employee or visitor has entry access, when and which entry they are going to use; this way, if anything goes missing during a given period, you will know just who had entry access point during that time frame.

We offer a huge range of access systems; below are some of the more recent systems we’ve installed in Peabody:

  • Card & Badge Readers
  • Photo ID Cards
  • HID Cards
  • Bar Code
  • Visitor Badging System
  • We installed a card and badge system for a local school, to help secure computers, electronics and other equipment.
  • A local restaurant had our bar code system installed for the back entrance of the restaurant.
  • A bank uses our HID cards to secure money.

As we mentioned earlier, local businesses and industries all over Peabody have used our keyless entry systems; below are just a few of the more recent customers of ours:

For more information about our access control systems, please feel free to call Secure Lock & Alarm at 978-927-6400.