For just about 20 years now, Secure Lock and Alarm has been installing access control and keyless entry systems for homes and businesses in Danvers MA. Danvers, which is a town located in the northeastern coast of the state, is just a short drive from our showroom in Beverly.

Due to the short distance between our showroom and Danvers, we make frequent stops to install our access control systems for local businesses and towns. What exactly is an access control system?

Access control systems allow you to enter your home or business without a key; there are many systems to choose from, you can use a code, scan card, photo ID, bar code, HIP cards and more!

These systems add more security to your Danvers home or business, and it gives you more control over who enters the building. If security has been breached, you and the Danvers MA Police Department will be notified right away, and you will be shown when and where security was breached; you control who has access to your building, and when and where employees and visitors can enter.

Where are some of the more recent places we’ve installed our keyless systems?

  • Retail stores and banks have been a top customer; they use these systems to control cash, manage supplies, and prevent inventory shrinkage.
  • Schools use keyless access systems to keep supplies, electronics and other equipment more secure.
  • Local restaurants use these systems to protect the backdoor entries.
  • Property Managers and apartment complexes use these access systems to help ensure optimum security for their tenants.
  • Offices are able to keep their private documents safely secured.

For customers like Fortune 500 companies, colleges, schools and hospitals, we have a highly secure access system, where you can control the system from anywhere on your network; no matter how big your security needs are, we will provide you with a powerful system that will protect your assets.

For more information about our access control systems or any other security systems we install in the Danvers MA area, please give Secure Lock and Key a call at 978-927-6400.