Cameras & Security Systems Installed in Andover MA

Having updated security systems for your home or business is important to prevent burglaries and employee theft, and to monitor productivity; local businesses in Andover MA, a town in Essex County, have relied on our camera and security systems to protect and secure their assets.

For over 15 years we have made trips down to Andover to install our camera and security systems for local business and commercial industries. These systems will help prevent loses, like break-ins and employee theft, help you monitor productivity, and can help reduce liability.

We are an authorized security dealer, who works with a variety of surveillance camera manufacturers, allowing us to meet the individual security needs of all home & business owners. If you’re looking to beef up security, accountability, or just looking for a better peace of mind, we will recommend and install the perfect surveillance system that fully meets the criteria of your needs.

Most of our systems allow you to monitor your store or business from a mobile device; maybe you’re not feeling well one morning, or maybe you’re on vacation, either way, you are still able to view and monitor the security of your store on the go! The goal of these systems is to cut down shoplifting and employee theft.

There are really two types of surveillance camera systems we install for local businesses: Analog and IP Network Cameras.

Analog Surveillance Cameras are perfect for smaller businesses, like convenient stores, who are looking for a basic security system. These cameras will capture video footage and transfer it over to a digital video recorder. It is a great security system that can help owners monitor employee productivity and fraudulent activity.

IP Network Cameras are more advanced security systems, that are great for financial institutions, banks, cities, and high end retail stores. These cameras will capture video footage, encode the video, and transfer it to a customized IP network system. These surveillance cameras offer advanced functionalities, including high quality images, remote accessibility, intelligent video capabilities, and great cost effectiveness!

To increase security for your home or business, we recommend installing a top quality surveillance camera and security system; it’s time to protect your assets from both outside and inside intruders! For more information, or for a free quote, please call Secure Lock and Alarm at 978-927-6400.

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