Cameras & Security Systems Installed in Cambridge MA

Securing your business, preventing burglaries, and monitoring your employees should be a top priority as a business owner; here at Secure Lock and Alarm, we install video surveillance and security systems for businesses across Cambridge MA.

Cambridge, home to Harvard University, is one of Massachusetts’ most populous cities and is located directly north of Boston MA. For over 15 years businesses, both big and small, of Cambridge MA have relied on our surveillance systems to protect their business, their employees and their customers.

Our security systems can help eliminate burglaries, employee theft, give you a better peace of mind, and help you manage productivity. We are certified dealers of surveillance systems for a number of manufacturers in the state; thanks to our connections, we are able to provide systems that meet the security needs of all our individual business owners. Below, check out some of the recent camera systems we’ve installed in Cambridge MA:

  • Digital video recorders
  • Video management systems
  • Video security cameras
  • Network/IP security cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Wired or wireless solutions
  • Indoor/Outdoor bullet cameras
  • Monitors

There are really two types of surveillance cameras out there for local businesses: IP Network and Analog video cameras. Both systems are effective in protecting and making your business more secure and safe from fraudulent activities.

The Analog system is perfect for smaller local businesses, who are looking for a more basic security system; it allows owners to view footage using a digital video recorder. These systems will allow owners to monitor both customers and employees.

The IP Network system is a more advanced system, perfect for bigger companies and stores, like financial institutions, banks, cities, and high end retail stores. These systems offer a high quality picture, remote accessibility, scalability and flexibility. The cameras will capture and encode video, and transmit the footage to an IP network. Owners can view security footage from individual devices, so long as they have the network access.

For more information about our video surveillance and security systems, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.

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