Locksmith for Homes & Businesses in Salem, MA

We have over 17 years of experience in providing locksmith services to homes and businesses in Salem; we provide services that range from lockouts to rekeying, all the way up to installing security systems like alarms and video surveillance.

Residential: We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services for homes in Salem MA; no longer will you have to wait until the next morning to get into your home after being locked out, or for having a lock fixed or installed properly. We pride ourselves on providing customers with expert locksmith services, with minimum wait periods and fair prices. We offer an array of services, which sets us apart from our competitors; these services range from home lockouts to rekeying, all the way up to installing electronic locks and security camera systems.

Commercial: We provide a handful of locksmith services that will help businesses protect their products and assets from intruders; these range from key control to master key systems, all the way up to deadbolts and electric push button locks. We are also available 24 hours seven days a week for lockouts, lock repairs, and security system installations!

Protect your home and business by updating your security and lock systems today! For an estimate on a job, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.

Salem MA is a city in Essex County, filled with homes and businesses who have relied on our locksmith services to protect their business and their loved ones from intruders.

Locksmith Review for Salem, MA

We had an usual situation where the lock on a sliding glass door to the outside wouldn’t connect/hold the lock. He mentioned that it may be difficult to fix when I called especially since Andersen will not subcontract parts. However, he said he’d run over before his job for the day and take a look at it. He came within 15 minutes!

He had find a special tool and actually had to lift the door. It was fixed in about 10 minutes. He was very professional and pleasant. The cost was very reasonable. Holly S. Salem, MA

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