We offer a variety of both locksmith services and products to homeowners and businesses of Swampscott MA; these can range from, 24 hour emergency services, to rekeying & installing new locks and doors, all the way up to installing high tech access control systems and security cameras. Our goal is to help improve and upgrade security for Swampscott locals.

For over 17 years, Swampscott, which is located in Essex County, just a few miles outside of Boston, have relied on our locksmith services and products to protect their assets and loved ones.

Call For Emergency Locksmith Service

Let’s begin with our Residential services: As mentioned above, we do offer 24 hour emergency services for those residents who are locked out of their home or car; no matter how late or early in the morning it is, we will be sure to help you enter your home or car. Being locked out of your home, especially in the middle of the night is scary and can be dangerous. We also provide new lock or door installation, rekeying, master keys, security cameras and so much more! Feel free to call the shop at 978-927-6400 if you have any questions about our services.

Now let’s jump to our Commercial services: Just like our residential services, we also over 24 hour emergency lockout services for businesses & property managers; sometimes, you’re just having one of those days when you lose or forget your key, and you’ll need some assistance from one of our locksmiths! We also offer high tech security systems, which includes installing access control systems and security surveillance cameras.

Access control and security systems can really help improve the security in your business or property; access control systems allow you to monitor who has access, you can change the coding, and you don’t have to worry about losing or carrying around a key.

Security cameras allow you to monitor both your workers and customers/clients; you can monitor productivity, as well as cut down on shoplifters and theft.

Here at Secure Lock and Alarm it is our goal to improve security for homes and businesses across the Swampscott MA area; we always strive to provide efficient services, products that work effectively, and prices that are affordable for everyone! For more information about our locksmith services or to schedule an appointment, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.