Did you know that it is Massachusetts State Law that demands gun owners to keep their guns in a safe that is securely locked?Because it is a state law, there is no tax added to the purchase of your gun safe. When purchasing a safe, there should be a series of questions you ask yourself before you make your final decision. What are you going to be putting in this safe, guns? Money? Jewelry? Where will you keep it? What about the size? How do you want your safe to open? Key? Dial combination? Keypad Combination?

We just want to make sure you’ve completed the proper research before investing in one of our safes; of course one of the professionals here at Secure Lock and Alarm, will be more than happy to help you find the safe that fits your personal needs!

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PS915-B-E GBF 6024 Guns 179 239
 Pistol Safe  Rifle Safe
1812-E Closed 225 227 2218-2-T-C OPEN 245 243
 1 Hour Fire Safe  2 Hour Fire Safe
WS 1317 E Open 240 222 DS3315-E open
Wall Safe Depository Safe
GH5 260 193 G3600 180 194
Gardall Hotel Safe- GH5E Floor Safe- Gardall G3600

 You can either shop online at www.securesafestore.com, or at our store; we are located at 52 Bridge Street, Beverly MA, 01915. If you live within 20 miles of Beverly MA, we can personally deliver and install your safe  for an additional fee. For more information about our safes, please feel free to call Secure Lock and Alarm at 978-927-6400. Danvers MA is a town located in the northeastern region of Massachusetts; both business owners and residents have purchased our safes to protect personal items like jewelry, and guns for over 17 years.