We offer consultation for our security camera installation services for business and home owners in Lynnfield MA; our security cameras will help increase security, given you, your loved ones, customers and employees a better peace of mind.

For business owners, surveillance cameras can help you monitor both your employees and your customers; you can monitor your employees’ productivity, and you can crackdown on shoplifters and theft.

There are really two types of security cameras: Analog and IP Network Cameras.

The IP Network Cameras are perfect for bigger businesses, like financial institutions, banks, and high end retail stores. Video recordings and footage will be broadcast on an IP network, allowing business owners to view footage on the go; with these camera systems, you are able to monitor your business without actually being inside the building/store.

The Analog cameras are a perfect fit for smaller stores, who are looking for just a basic form of security; stores like small retail shops and convenient stores.

For more information about our security cameras, or for a consultation, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400. Let us help you improve your security to protect your assets, family, employees and customers!