This is a measurement of how large an area the camera is capable of viewing. The focal length of the lens affects the field of view. If you wish to capture a general scene of a parking lot, you would want to choose a camera with a shorter focal length that would capture a larger field of view. Conversely, a longer lens magnifies the scene, thereby decreasing the field of view. Cameras with longer lenses camera4would be effective in capturing a license plate or an event like a break-in.

Camera resolution is the measure of noticeable detail that you see in an image. The higher the resolution the better the definition, clarity, and quality of the picture. A high-resolution camera could capture the detail of a person’s face or license plate number.

How is Your Site Lit?
There are various technologies available that will ensure you capture usable video regardless of the lighting conditions. Be sure to camera2consider if you need day or night pictures and how much light is available where the cameras will need to be mounted. For example, you may want to put a camera in a computer room or supply closet. Typically lights are shut off in these types of rooms so an IR illumination camera may be needed. If ambient light drops below a certain level, an infrared camera system will be activated thus being able to capture pictures in a dark space. These can be helpful for nighttime pictures as well.

Will You be Using the Camera for Indoors or Outdoors?
Surveillance camera systems can be specifically designed for indoor or outdoor uses. Indoor cameras tend to be smaller, lighter, and sleeker than outdoor cameras. Outdoor security cameras are often more expensive then indoor models because they are built to withstand weather and attacks from vandals and thieves.