There have been many unfortunate experiences concerning carbon monoxide poisoning in recent days, most which could have been prevented. A properly installed and monitored alarm system can do much more then ward off potential burglars. Being based in a Beverly MA a fairly safe community North of Boston, we often will get the objection from customers that they don’t need a burglar alarm. Little do they know that there are many threats to your home or business such as carbon monoxide, fires, broken water pipes and severe low temperatures due to broken heating equipment that can also be monitored by a quality security system. In most cases, the monthly monitoring cost charged by your alarm company remains the same. A homeowner would be making a onetime investment which is small compared to the out of pocket expenses that one could incur if one of these types of events should occur.

I bet quite a few homeowners this weekend checked the batteries in their carbon monoxide detectors. However it typically takes headline news on the matter as we are all experiencing now in order to remember to check them. Your alarm company can install a carbon monoxide detector that can notify the authorities or any designated person when the levels get too high.

The same hold true for water sensors. Many of our customers who have second homes elect to install water bug water sensors. Typically these cost about $100-$125 installed and can notify you when there is excessive water in your house due to a broken pipe, a leaky water heater, or a flood. Obviously, if a homeowner or business is notified as soon as these events begin, then severe damage and aggravation can be prevented. The same holds true for heat sensors. A designated person can be notified if the heat in your home or business falls below a certain level. Hardwired fire alarms or wireless fire alarm systems can also be included in the system and the fire department can be notified as soon as the first fire alarm goes off. It is our belief that these four types of sensors can offer a tremendous piece of mind to the homeowner, business owner, or parent.

If a reputable alarm company is installing a carbon monoxide sensor, a water sensor, heat sensor, or fire alarm, the additional cost should range about $100- $125 per unit. These are all one time charges. As I mentioned earlier, the alarm monitoring investment will range between $25.00 -$35.00 per month and the additional equipment should not affect monthly monitoring costs.