A property management company, who manages a huge office building in Andover MA, wanted more control on who enters the building; so they wanted us to convert their old access control system into a key scan access systemaccesscontrol. Only people with a scan key can enter the building, making the workplace a safer, more secure environment.

A new business was planning on establishing offices on two of the floors in this building; the property management company wanted us to install a completely new key scan access system for those two floors alone; the new business moving in wanted complete control over who entered their office space.

We gladly installed this access system to the two new floors, and cut scan keys for the employees. In the future, if they ever needed a card activated or deactivated, we would be able to do so pretty quickly.

The property management company chose us because they saw that we are a locksmith that offers so many other services that expand far outside other locksmiths’ services; we are able to do the conventional lock and key systems, but we are also able to perform high technological jobs, like access systems, surveillance systems and alarm systems.

We provide our services to both businesses and residents across Massachusetts! For more information about our Access Control Systems, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.