It’s Fire Prevention Week, help us spread the word of fire safety!

When was the last time you tested your smoke alarms? Did you know that the majority of people, both business owners and homeowners, have never tested their fire alarms before?! These alarms can save your live, your loved ones’ lives, and your customers’! Fire-Alarm-Pull-Station

You should be testing your smoke alarms every month. In the event of a fire, smoke spread fasts, and with working smoke alarms, you will be alerted right away giving you ample amounts of time to get out of the house.

Make sure they are working properly, if they are not, we install Smoke Alarms.

Once you start to test your smoke detectors, and you find that they are not working properly, call Secure Lock and Alarm right away to book an installation appointment. We have a variety of detectors to choose from, we will help you make a selection that will help save lives in the case of a fire!