We just won a bid to install new burglary alarm systems for a 24 unit condo complex in Boston MA. At first, the contractor didn’t know if he should install steel bars for the street level units, or an efficient alarm system.

We told the contractor about our alarm systems, their effectiveness and the price; upon going through all of our alarm products, he decided to go with us, to beef up the condo’s security; who would want to live in condo that has bars on the windows? Not anyone I know!

So upon going through our huge selection of burglar alarms, the contractor went with the Honeywell Alarm System; for his particular case, the Honeywell was the most cost effective product we had.

He also went with our suggestion to install door sensors, window sensors, and glass break sensors to maximize security.

Burglar alarms can help protect your assets, family, employees, and clientele. How up to date is your security system? Call Secure Lock and Alarm to find out just how up to date your security is! 978.927.6400.