A local private club in Marblehead MA has been having some issues in their parking lot; there seemed to be a lot of hit and runs going on! The parking lot is dimly lit, and a number of members have complained about scratches, dents and fender benders.

So to crackdown on these hit and runs, the owner of the club wanted to install a surveillance camera in the parking lot; after going over the numerous types of cameras we have, the owner wanted to go with a 16 IP Surveillance Camera.camera4

This system will help identify incidents, copy license plates and car models down to crackdown on hit and runs. It’s all about making your clientele happy; members of this club were complaining about hit and runs, and the owner listened and installed a great surveillance system.

Since it’s an IP camera, the owner can monitor the parking lot from wherever he pleases; from inside the club, on the road, or in the comfort of his own home.

For more information about our surveillance cameras, please feel free to give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400. These cameras will give you, as a business owner, better peace of mind, and they will help your customers rest assured that they and their belongings are safe and secure!