Unicorr Packaging, located in Marlborough MA, was in need of a serious security update,accesscontrol which is why they called Secure Lock and Alarm! For this project, we were really able to show the client our wide array of security services and products; we installed 20 security cameras, installed new doors and locks, and added four access control systems with Anti-Passback.

This Marlborough MA business is now more secure; the new doors and locks with keep out intruders during non-operating hours. We installed larger heavier doors that are weather resistant.

The 20 security cameras we installed in and outside of the building, will help improve productivity, eliminate losses and reduce liability. Security cameras will help this packaging business in Marlborough MA keep an eye on their products and employees throughout the building.

Access Control Systems will help managers and owners of this packaging company monitor and control entry and traffic flow of specific rooms and offices. Mangers in the Marlborough MA area can now control who has access to a room, and when they have access; they can change the password after each shift, every hour, every day, etc. This will help them manage their employees a little better, and if an accident or an incident occurs, they will be able to group the people involved.

For more information regarding our security products and services, please feel free to give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.