No matter how safe your neighborhood is, it’s always a smart idea to educate yourself about the newest and most innovated ways to secure your home. Here are ten life changing facts that can help improve the security of your home:

  1. Having a strong and durable door/door frame is very important; your locks are only as secure as the door it is supposed to be protecting.
  2. Don’t hand out spare keys or the combination to your access systems to people you hardly know; try to limit who has access to your home by only trusting close friends and family with spare keys and combinations!
  3. A burglar alarm does a great job in informing the authorities of a break in, and it’s important to have; however, a burglar alarm will not stop an intruder from ransacking your home. Having new lock and key systems, in combination with a burglar alarm will improve your home’s security tenfold!
  4. When a lock is picked, intruders are able to gain access to your home by manipulating the lock linage, bolt system and tumblers. Older lock systems are easier to pick, and when they are broken into, do not show any sign of tampering.
  5. Safes can go along way in protecting your most valuable possessions; when ordering with us, be sure to specify what kind of lock combination you want.
  6. The point of improving security, and your lock systems is to buy time; the goal is to have your home burglary proof. The more updated your security system, the harder and longer it is for a burglar to gain access to your home.
  7.   When staking out a neighborhood, a burglar will choose the home with the least amount of resistance or security; make sure you’re the home with the most up to date security systems!
  8. Police reports have suggested that homes with high security systems and locks will persuade burglars to move on and try a home of lesser security; this contradicts the popular belief that high security homes lead intruders to think you’re protecting some valuable items, making your home their number one target.
  9. If you’re a business owner, you might want to write this next one down: theft by employees, not shoplifters, accounts for more financial losses!
  10. When determining the security of your home, it’s best to leave the decision making to the professionals; upon inspecting your home we will determine the best course of action to secure your home and to protect your family and valuables from intruders.

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