Living by yourself can be great! You only have to cook for one, you can control the TV all the time, and you don’t have to worry about roommates losing keys or handing spare keys out willy-nilly. But it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions when it comes to the security of your home or apartment. Aalrm Systems LYNX-Plus_father_daughter

Here is just a few tips that can help improve the security of your home:

  1. Having a Home Security System Installed: Our Home Security Systems can help you feel as if you’re not alone; it’s like having a roommate that offers security and protection, and one that doesn’t eat all your food! We provide wireless systems, cameras, burglary alarms, etc. that will help lock-down your house, and notify the authorities immediately if someone does attempt to break into your home. Our home security systems are the most effective way to secure your home!
  2. Get a Pet: Not only are pets (dogs or cats) great companions, but burglars are less likely to break into homes where there is a pet. If you’re not a pet person at all, this tip isn’t for you! But if you are a pet person, it’s a great idea to bring home a four legged friend! A barking dog will most likely scare off a burglar, if not the dog’s barking will wake you up, allowing you to call the authorities.
  3. Always Lockup the House: Of course, make sure you lockup the house when you leave for the day and turn in for the night, but you should always have your doors locked, even when you’re home. When you’re in the shower, mowing the lawn, or glued to the TV, burglars have no problem sneaking in through an unlocked door or window. So the best policy is to keep your doors and windows locked at all times!
  4. Fix Maintenance Problems Right Away: These maintenance problems include sticky locks, doors and windows that don’t close all the way or lock, etc. get these fixed right away! If you’re not very good at repairs, hire someone, or speak with your landlord. For locks that are broken or sticky, call us right way and we will install a whole new lock and key system.
  5. Close the Curtains: Closing the curtains is important for two reasons: 1. intruders can’t see your stuff, and 2. probably most importantly, they can’t see that you’re alone. If you’re alone, and especially a female, intruders are more likely to target your home. So keep your curtains closed!
  6. Turn Off Location Settings on Social Media Sites: When you’re updating statuses on Facebook or uploading pictures to Instagram, make sure the turn off the location settings on all social media platforms. Some posts indicate that you are alone, burglars can use these posts to find where you live!
  7. Get to Know Your Neighbors: You don’t have to be best friends with them, but neighbors can be a good ally! If they notice someone that isn’t you crawling through a window or finagling with your door, they are more likely to call the authorities, as they know you live alone.
  8. Keep Your Cell Phone Charged: Since most people, especially the younger generation, do not have land lines, it is important to keep your cell phone charged throughout the day and through the night. If someone does break into your home, your phone will be charged up and ready to dial the police!

These are just a few tips to keep your home more secure, for those who live by themselves; this is especially important for women who live by themselves! Your best bet for optimal security is to have one of our home security systems installed.

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