For those businesses who have used our security systems, your business is already up to code, security wise; you probably have high-tech security cameras inside and outside your business, access control systems to monitor people entering and exiting your facilities, and maybe you have a safe to hold on to money and important documents; now it’s time to put these security systems to good use, by going over policies with managers and employees.

Now to have these security systems work, you need to have your managers and employees up to speed on how they function and what your expectations are.

First, you and your employees, together, have to figure out what the issue is, and how you are going to rectify it. For example, are you trying to crack down on shop lifting, stolen/missing cash, time thieves, missing inventory, miss use of the company vehicle, unreported sales, etc.; here’s what you guys can do to fix the problem:

Evaluate Risk:

Perform a walk through of your store/office/building and see where potential weak points are; which areas have the most security risks?

Creating Clear Policies & Procedures:

This is a “How We Do” list of guidelines for your employees to follow. For example, how to handle cash, receipts, opening and closing the business, etc. If you don’t have a clear, written down checklist, establish one immediately!

Security Barriers: 

Installing security cameras and alarms at both the entrance and exit of all doors to help you monitor who enters and when! Also establish a better communication plans with all employees, no matter what their job title is. These security barriers are installed to prevent loss, not to slow down the work day!

Communicate, Train & Implement:

Establish guidelines, communicate these guidelines with all employees, train each employee on these guidelines, and test them out to see the end result. After testing, if you find you need to tweak something, make the change, and start the cycle over again!

Measure the Success:

Making the changes is a great start, but if they’re not working out, what’s the point? Compare the actual results with the goals you established in the beginning; if the final results are falling short, you need to make a change!