Yes, it is a great idea to have your life safety system monitored! Why? Simply, because if there is an emergency the right people will be notified right away, helping to eliminate damage and other dangers.Alarms-centralstation097_hi

With a monitored system, when the sensor or alarm element is tripped, the designated authority will be notified right away! Here’s an example:

If a Carbon Monoxide sensor is tripped, then the police will be notified; or, if a water sensor goes off due to a flood, a plumber will be notified. The quicker the proper authorities are notified, the quicker they are able to respond, the safer you and your family will be!

The monitoring price remains fixed for all residents, whether you have 1 unit or 20 units installed. However, for commercial applications, monitoring costs will vary if the addition of fire monitoring or scheduled opening and closing reports are needed. Upon request, a SLA tech can provide you with a personalized quote.

Our recommendation is to have your safety systems monitored, to increase the safety of your family and home/business!

For more information about our safety systems and our monitoring services, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.