Chrysler Ignitions in cars dated 1999-2004 have a common ignition problem that a car owner can temporarily fix prior to taking their vehicle to an automotive locksmith for a permanent fix.  Often times a key is placed in the ignition and nothing will happen and it will not turn to start. The important thing is to not force the key as you will cause further damage. What is happening is that the wafer inside the ignition from years of key insertion slowly worsens which causes the wafer to drag in its chamber. The excess dragging causes the wafer to not property position itself on the key which causes the ignition_snip_itcylinder to not turn and the wafer spring is not powerful to overcome the defect. Take a handle of a screw driver  and put it on the end of the key while it is inserted into the ignition. Then lightly tap the handle. The key will not move but you should feel a slight vibration which is will cause the wafer to move and therefore allow you to move the key and start the vehicle. This is simply a temporary fix so don’t think that the problem is solved forever. Call a reputable locksmith near you that specializes in automotive lock issues and they should be able to provide a permanent fix.