We install a variety of security cameras for businesses and homes across Massachusetts; each individual camera may have its own feature, but despite the brand, the all have one goal: helping to protect your home or business from burglaries and intruders. camera2

Ever wonder how our installation and security cameras work? Here is a quick four step program on how our surveillance cameras are effective; for a more detailed explanation of our cameras, please give us a call!!

  1. After the initial call, we will come to your business or home and inspect the surrounding area, to find the right angle and placement for the camera; the placement of the security cameras are very important, and it’s crucial to find the right angle or angles!
  2. The video recorder will store all video footage and audio on our secure server, we primarily use either Analog or IP network for our servers. All footage will be stored on our server, where you will have easy access for viewing.
  3. Accessibility for most of our security cameras is very convenient; you can view security footage from a television or monitor, online, or with a smart phone! You can view security footage on the go!

Security cameras can really help significantly cut down on employee theft, break ins, and can help you monitor productivity!

For more information about our cameras, or for an estimate, please give Secure Lock and Alarm a call at 978-927-6400.