Break-ins happen, and can sometimes be unavoidable, especially if your home security systems are not up to date.

The minute you realize your home has been burglarized, you should immediately dial 911; the intruder could still be close by, and notifying the authorities right away can help prevent more break-ins in the area!burglar-7-390x285

Do not touch anything! The intruder could have very well left behind fingerprints, and if he or she has ever been booked in the past, it makes finding this criminal 100 times easier.

Next, take note of what is missing and call your insurance company. Making an insurance claim, can help cover some of the missing and damaged property that ensued during the break-in.

Then, find out where the intruder entered your house; did they break a window, break the lock, etc.? You should figure out where the flaw in your home’s security was that inhibited the criminal to break into your home.

Finally, call Secure Lock and Alarm, and we will install the most up to date security and lock systems on the market that will help protect your home and can prevent future break-ins! Our home security systems are proven to work!

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