gun safeIf you look at statistics on how many children are accidently injured or killed by poorly stored firearms, that should be reason enough for you to invest in a gun safe.  But here are 7 reasons to invest in a gun safe.

  1. We already mentioned this one but the best reason is to keep your guns out of reach of children. Over 1000 kids in America are killed or seriously injured by guns each year. It makes sense to keep them stored safely, away from children.
  2. To prevent theft. If you are an avid gun collector, you’ll want to keep your expensive, rare or antique guns safe from theft.
  3. To keep guns safe from fire – Gun safes with good fire ratings will prevent them from getting damaged in the event of a fire. Check out our online store for a full gun safe catalog!
  4. To keep your guns organized – Having a gun safe will help you stay organized. There’s nothing worse than a misplaced gun!
  5. Abide by “Child Access Prevention Laws” – In some states, there are laws made to prevent access of guns to children. Firearms must be stored in a safe place so children can’t get their hands on one.
  6. Abide by “Firearm Locking Device Laws” – Many states require that you lock up your firearms. Even if you don’t have children.
  7. Tax Deductions – Some states give you tax credit on purchasing a gun safe. Some states don’t even charge tax on buying gun safes!

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