We just installed new Access Control Systems for an Andover MA Medical Facility; there are so many different types of access control systems we install, ranging from card & badge readaccesscontrolers, HID cards, all the way up to Bio-metric access systems.

The medical facility in Andover wanted a card swipe access control system installed; this type of system really doubles up on security: one, you need a card to get in, and two, the cards were photo IDs of the employees, so anyone who wasn’t supposed to be there would be spotted pretty quickly.

We use what is called a Rosslare Access System to print out photo IDs; we made sure to teach the Andover MA client how to print photo IDs using this access system.

No matter which type of access control system you choose for your business or home, you’re improving and increasing security, making your employees, customers and family members feel safer and more secure.

The card swipe access system is perfect of offices that are in big buildings and apartment complexes; it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who has authorization to enter a certain office and who doesn’t, with the card system you have better control of who enters and when!

For more information about our access control systems, please feel free to give us a call at 978-927-6400; we expand our security services to clients not only in Andover MA, but the whole state, and southern New Hampshire!